Statement from Unit Twenty Three

Closure of Unit Twenty Three

As of 21st December 2018 Unit Twenty Three will no longer be operating.  We have taken this very hard decision in light of the overall environment and need to raise substantially more sums to operate at the level and quality that we would like to grow than are readily available.

We have existed for more than 5 years and through this time have ran numerous small projects, training sessions and our flagship projects of Freefall (touring theatre about young carers) and Dissfest (our community arts festival).

Freefall has reached more than 3,000 young people, and Dissfest has engaged an audience of over 5,500 and 476 performers & artists from the 4 festivals we have run.  We are proud to have worked with such talented people, to enable our Young Associates to deliver projects and kickstarted some important intergenerational work.

In addition we have delivered support to a range of organisations, young staff and creatives.  One project we have instrumentally supported is the Arts Award Youth Network and development of an online platform for young people interested in culture;  The charity behind this will be the beneficiaries of any remaining assets so we can offer some further support for its growth.

We are grateful to every individual and organisation who has created work with us, partnered on projects, attended our activities, and funded us.  We hope that some of our work will carry on in various guises and that our community of Diss especially is able to benefit from future creative work.

We would especially like to thank Park Radio, MTM Youth Services and Diss Town Council for their recent support in making more projects happen in Diss with a creative influence.

On behalf of the whole team and board of Unit Twenty Three,

Thankyou to everyone for your support.