What we offer

offerUnit Twenty Three has access to a number of professionals and wider networks to support the delivery of a range of services.  We have already worked with organisations to provide project management and research capabilities.  We deliver our own funded or commissioned projects and love to work with those who also need some extra support.

Project Management and project commissions

  • To oversee the development & implementation of project commissions.       We can hold the funding and spend directly, or simply manage projects on behalf of other organisations.
  • We actively seek funding to provide opportunities of training sessions on single days and for extended projects.
  • As an Arts Award Supporter organisation we can support organisations to embed this creative accreditation in to their programme, and as a centre we can provide advisers and workshop leaders to deliver the programme too.

Production/event support

  • In support of professional productions (including those with subsidy) we can offer support in production & administrative management. In addition we can work with our commercial partners to provide every element of technical services & marketing a production or event requires.

Qualification delivery

  • We are an Arts Award centre and can facilitate artists & projects to provide opportunities for young people to achieve their Arts Award.       This includes large groups at Discover level through to 1:1 mentoring at Gold level.
  • We also have in-house capabilities to provide training in support of qualification criteria, especially linked to apprenticeships. Our training & mentoring ranges from technical theatre to marketing, administration to management and social media to music business.

Training & Enrichment

  • Complementing our ability to deliver accredited work we can offer workshops with large & small groups of young people of all ages to participate in activity that introduces them to different art forms and potential careers.

In addition to workshops for young people we offer professional level training, specially designed for small & creative businesses. This training package includes training in marketing, participation, effective working & enterprise.

Even if you just have an idea at this stage, or are actively looking for support for an existing project, then please get in touch and have a chat.